Sunday, February 28, 2010

This week we took a field trip to the Walker and Bell Museum in the twin cities. At the Walker, there were many interesting pieces to look at. My favorite was a short film called La Jetee. La Jetee was a French science fiction movie from 1962. The movie was done almost entirely in still images, with the exception of a 3-/+ second part. Because I came into it in the middle, I stayed and watched the film's first half after it finished the first time for me.
La Jetee had a very interesting plot. After nuclear WWIII destroys most of the planet, survivors live underground, but are sick. "Prisoners" are experimented on and sent back in time to find medicine and somehow save the people. The main charactor succeeds and is scheduled to be executed. He flees back into time, but is followed and killed. His death was the death that he had witnessed as a child.
This short film was very captivating, and the ominous feeling it gave made the film very sensational and hard to leave. It was almost mesmerizing.

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