Monday, February 1, 2010

Figured I'd better do a bio...

The full name my parents gave me is Daniel Lloyd Kuchenbecker. Because this is undoubtedly long and obnoxious, you can shorten it any way you please. I am an Art Education major at UW-Stout, emphasis on drawing. I am a junior this year, and hope to be done with school in the next 2 years.
My hometown is Eagle River, WI, which is in the far north central part of the state. I have always lived in Wisconsin and thoughly enjoy the beauty and comfort that can be found in the midwest. Besides drawin' pretty pictures, I enjoy music playin', swing dancin', wood choppin', toad stompin', nerf herdin', and general adventurin'.
I'm new to blogging, but I'll try and keep this puppy updated for y'all to enjoy.

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  1. Hi Danny! I know you haven't posted your blind contour, but there are my words to describe it.