Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blind Contour Drawing

This was an interesting exercise. To describe what we did, we had to draw our human model form for 30 min. Catch is we weren't allow to look at what we were drawing. Its was a very strange experience. Because you are not looking at what you are drawing, you stay completely focused on the form, moving your arm as your eye moves over the form. You enter a very relaxed state of mind. You stop seeing the form, and start to feel it. The main area I focused on was the feet, but at one point I worked my way up to the forearm. You can easily see a forearm at the top, and several (haha) feet forms accompanied by a legion of toes. Overall, I found this to be a very productive exercise, especially for truly observing the shape and position of the body. I think it would be great way to prep for a rendering, in that you could get a true feeling for the body before you attempted to draw it.
If I had to decribe my picture in three words, I would probably say depth, edgy, and redundant.


  1. Dan I think that your drawing showed nice observation and careful looking. I would describe it as careful rigid overlapped