Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mid Semester Review

This semester has most assuredly been an intersting one. Between taking too many classes and acquiring new bad habits, I seem to be just as productive as I am unproductive (think about it, it works). Life Drawing has definitely been an interesting class to say the least. I have learned a great deal this semester, from human anatomy to how to identify truly beautiful mark-making. Seeing my work from day 1 to now, I have seen major improvements in every aspect of the game. The clay fella also is helping me to draw more accurately as well. The cross contour drawings have also helped me to see figures with a new perspective.
I am excited to see what t he next semester has to offer. I hope to further train my hand and eye, as well sharpen my overall knowledge of human anatomy (small as it is). It will be nice to start working with arms, hands, feet, and eventually the head. I definitely intend to take life-drawing 2 in the future, and hope to learn to apply these techniques when I teach one day to high-schoolers.

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