Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well, its the first blog-post of the new school year, so lets do this.
This summer, I worked at a golf course on a maintenance crew. Now I sure we're all just tickled to know why exactly that is relevant to a life-drawing blog, and the answer is quite simple. I didn't do any real art this summer. Now, the reason I say "real art" is because although I may not have been drawing this summer, working on a crew that deals almost entirely with aesthetics, one still can get the same sense of satisfaction from doing landscaping as drawing a beautiful picture. Instead of paper or canvas, I had a golf course. Whether I was striping greens, spinning bunkers, or weeding flower beds, the main object of any of the mainly jobs we did was to make everything as beautiful as possible. This takes alot of training ,practice, and learning how to accurately handle the machinery and tools used to do these jobs.
In life drawing, it is also important to learn how to handle tools, whether a piece of charcoal or our hand. It is only through practice and repetition that we can learn how to refine our skills and technique. Learning to correctly control your arm and hand to make the line you desire is like learning the feel and handle of a Toro 350 Sidewinder (mower). Anyways, its good to be back drawing again. I am looking forward to taking this class and expanding my knowledge of drawing and anatomy.
Also, I did MMA this summer and got my chin split open, so I thought that would be a cool picture considering that I have no other photos of the summer. So enjoy!

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