Sunday, September 19, 2010


The first real week of classes is complete and school finally seems to be in full swing. This week has been an eventful one, filled with homework and many fun activities, including the beginning of swing club, playin ' at the waterfront, and of course "wings wednesday."
This week in life drawing we have picked up whee we left off in LD1 with the study of skulls. Monday was more of a practice day, and Wednesday we actually worked on the skull project itself, which consists of doing 3 skull drawings from different angles. Each one takes around 3 hours to complete.
I think it is a great idea repeating the final assignment from LD1. This will help to get us all back up to speed easier by starting us with familiar material. It also provides us with a great opportunity to compare our work from the previous semester. What better way to compare progress than by doing the same project twice at different times. The question is, will I prove to be rusty after the summer, or will I be able to produce skulls that our superior? I guess we learn whether or not drawing is like riding a bike or not. In order to show this I will be posting a picture of one of my skulls from last semester on this blog post. Tomorrow, when all of my new skull drawings are complete, I will add a picture of a new one. It should be interesting to see them side by side.


  1. The contour lines, and line quality really give this a lifelike feel, like it can be touched.

    Good work

  2. The cross- contours of this make it feel three dimensional, like the front portion of the skull is popping out from the page. Teach me your ways!! haha