Thursday, May 13, 2010

Final Review!!!!

Throughout this semester I have learned a great deal about drawing, from obvious things such as drawing forms more accurately, to more overlooked things such as holding the charcoal properly and keeping it sharp. Cross contours are also something I never did, but it has opened a whole new way to view plane shifts. One of the most important things I have learned is how to use good gestural mark making. Although i am not great at it, I have learned how to use better contast in line weight, and how to highlight stressed areas with it, iving the drawing a much more "alive" feeling.
Since midterm, I have greatly improved on my mark making (as mentioned before). I guess a big thing I needed to do last semester was keep up on my mannikin and blog posts, so I hope I'm up to speed more. As for the mannikin itself, i feel i have done a better job making his muscles look more real. But punctuality was the biggest problem, for which I do apologize.
In the future, I will be taking Life Drawing 2, which I look forward to. People and the relation with one another and other things is my favorite subject when it comes to making art, so doing more life-drawing is ideal. Although it may not seem to directly be applied when I teach high school, many princples will be incorporated, such and mark making and cross contour.
Its been a great class, and I look forward to taking LD2 next semester!

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