Monday, October 11, 2010

Drawing from Memory!!!!!!!!!!

Today we draweded from memory. More specifically, we draweded skulls from memory. Although not necessarily easy, it was definitely fun. It was helpful that iI had a skull of my own...on my shoulders that is. Unfortunately it is currently covered in skin and hair, which makes it harder to draw. I figure in a hundred years or so, most of that stuff will be gone, making my skull much easier to draw. I often wonder if India Jones draweded skulls, being that he saw them so frequently. I imagine he did and was great at it.
I have a significant amount of pictures to put up from the last couple weeks and plan to do so soon, as I know how all of my multitudes of fans are dying to see them. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to leave this life of fame and luxury. Its hard to walk down the street everyday with people screaming at me, women chasing me, and men shooting me envious looks. Its tough being beautiful and talented....and beautiful. But alas, it is my curse, and I will persevere. Pics will be up soon, my lovely fans, pics will be up soon...

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