Monday, October 18, 2010

Obscure Angles and Homecoming!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides drawing from memory, this week we took on the harder-then-it sounds task of drawing skulls from unfamiliar angles. Even though we have been drawing skulls all month and you would think we would have it down pat, the rude awaking of completing this task succeeded in proving me qukte wrong. I post some pics up soon (i know I 've been saying this forever, but I will make good on my promise =] ...maybe). Today we will draw skulls from memory as some form of a quiz, or sadistic ritual...
This past weekend was homecoming and I cannot express how excited I was to not have homework in this class, especially considering I didn't complete any of my homework from the other classes. Its not that I am a bad student, I'm just expressing my opinion on the importance of picking your battles and taking losses. Sure, I lost 3 points in American Government, but i had a totally stellar and care-free weekend, and now feel rejuvenated to take on even larger amounts of homework.
But please don't.

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