Saturday, December 18, 2010


For a few weeks now, we have been working on full, life-size skeletons. It has been quite the difficult task. One of the hardest parts has been getting the proportions done. Up close it is easy to see it as correct, when really its totally off. In fact when i first drew the head, it was nearly 50% too big. It would only make sense as Minnie Driver's head. The leg was also too short, fixing these mistakes was not awful, except it left some nasty eraser marks.
I felt the picture itself turned out as a success, though. It stand over 6 feet tall, and is proportionally accurate. The spine is also done to completion (although if i had more time i would probably keep working on it).
It was amazing to see how the different bones had different contours and planes. It was difficult to capture on paper, but in the end, it really all came together.

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