Monday, December 20, 2010

Final Reflection!!!

So ends another exciting semester at UW-Stout. By exciting of course I mean moderately amusing, but I'll take what I can get. Looking back on life-drawing two specifically, I'd say that it was ultimately a success.
LD2 was a great class, I felt that it was more enjoyable than LD1. It seemed to have a different atmosphere, mainly because people who were there wanted to be there. For the majority of the semester, we focused on skulls and faces. I thought this was a good thing, because drawing the human skull and face is very difficult. I now feel I have a much better grasp, especially of the the 3D qualities and planes, of the face/head. Drawing the classmates was also very fun and interesting,as it gave true measure of our drawing skills.
Our final project, being the skeleton, was a challenge. Drawing correct proportions and working at such such a large scale was no easy task. In the end, I felt that it turned out pretty well. My favorite thing about life life drawing is drawing without a grid. This forces the artist to truly see and understand the form, with limited focus to light and dark. It is a great way to vary from the typical drawing style, and combined with other styles, will help to make me a more well-rounded artist.

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